As the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer, many of us are planning our summer vacations.
However, for those living with diabetes and insulin, packing for a trip can be a bit more complicated. Insulin needs to be kept at the right temperature to maintain its effectiveness. And the last thing you want is for your insulin to spoil while you're away from home, potentially putting your health at risk.
That's why choosing a high-quality, reliable insulin travel case is important. It will keep your insulin cool and safe and give you the freedom to travel without worrying about hundreds of dollars worth of insulin going bad!
Here’s a comprehensive guide about insulin travel cases. Discover the importance of using one, explore top-rated options, and learn about the essential features to look for before choosing yours.

Insulin Travel Cases, 4AllFamily

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What’s an Insulin Travel Case?

An insulin travel case is specially designed to transport insulin and related diabetic supplies safely during travel.
It keeps insulin at the right temperature and prevents it from going bad, ensuring that the diabetes injections remain effective and potent.
These travel case coolers are essential for travelers with diabetes who need to carry insulin on trips, vacations, or other outings.
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Insulin storage & temperature control

Typically, unopened insulin should be kept refrigerated at 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C).
Once opened, it can be stored at room temperature (not above 77°F / 25°C) from 14 days to 56 days, depending on the brand and type of insulin. For example:

  • Humalog and Novolog can be kept at room temperature for up to 28 days.
  • Lantus can be unrefrigerated for 28 days.
  • Levemir can stay unrefrigerated for up to 42 days.
  • NovoLog Mix 70/30 and Humalog Mix 75/25 can only stay out of the fridge for 14 days.  

When insulin can be unrefrigerated, it should never be exposed to temperatures higher than 77°F / 25°C, even briefly.
Therefore, temperature control is crucial when traveling with insulin. So, remember to plan ahead and make sure you have an appropriate insulin travel case cooler for your trip.
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Different Types of Insulin Travel Case Coolers

Insulin travel cases come in different sizes, designs, and styles to accommodate various insulin devices, such as insulin pens, vials, cartridges, or prefilled syringes, and multiple needs depending on your travel situation.

We've prepared a video guide to show you the different types of insulin travel cases available and how they can meet your specific travel needs. It's also all explained in the text below!

Insulin travel bags

These are insulated bags designed to keep insulin cool at room temperature (not refrigerated) during travel. Depending on their size and shape, they can fit insulin pens, vials, or both.
They're ideal for protecting your in-use open insulin from heat during day trips or summer excursions. Insulin travel bags typically work with ice packs or freeze packs.

Portable medical refrigerators

These are small, portable refrigerators that typically work with electricity or battery to keep your insulin pens or vials refrigerated at 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C).
When not working on battery, they can be plugged or charged to USB-power sources like a car's cigarette lighter, a travel power bank, a solar panel, or a wall outlet. They are perfect for long trips where refrigeration is not always available.

Multi-purpose insulin coolers

Multi-purpose insulin travel coolers are the most versatile type of travel case, offering the widest variety of use.
For example, the Explorer 3-in-1 from 4AllFamily can work with power, with ice packs, or both simultaneously! This kind of travel case keeps insulin cold whether you have access to electricity or are traveling off the grid!

4AllFamily Travel Cases and Portable Coolers for Insulin
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The Best Insulin Travel Cases from 4AllFamily

4AllFamily is a company that specializes in creating innovative and high-quality travel cases for people who need to carry temperature-sensitive and refrigerated drugs like insulin, Mounjaro, Ozempic, and many others. We offer a wide range of products, including insulin travel cases, coolers, and portable refrigerators.
Our products are designed to be affordable, durable, and user-friendly. 4AllFamily is dedicated to helping people with diabetes live their lives to the fullest by providing them with high-quality and convenient travel cases for their insulin and medical supplies.
Here’s a selection of our bestselling insulin travel cases:

The Pioneer, Our Latest & Most Innovative Insulin Travel Fridge!

4AllFamily Insulin Coolers for Travel

The Pioneer is our latest Insulin Cooler, a real mini-fridge for traveling and keeping your insulin pens and vials refrigerated in all situations! Learn more here!

The Voyager Travel Fridge for Insulin

4AllFamily Explorer 72 Hours Insulin Cooler 3-in-1 Medicine Travel Cooler - Magenta
4AllFamily’s Voyager Insulin Travel Fridge is a USB-powered, high-performing insulin travel case.
The fridge's interior is efficiently insulated to maintain a temperature range of 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C), which is ideal for traveling with insulin pens or vials that require refrigeration. It can hold up to 7 insulin pens or 8 Novolog vials.  
The Voyager features an easy-to-read LCD showing the fridge's current temperature. In addition, it comes with an auto shut-off safety that prevents the temperature from going too low and freezing your insulin. 
It can be used with USB-power or biogel freeze packs alternatively. To allow for greater autonomy, the Voyager can be plugged into a 20000 mAh portable power bank that provides 8 to 12 hours of continuous use even during outdoor activities where electricity is unavailable.
It's an excellent option for anyone who wants to ensure their insulin remains refrigerated, safe, and effective, no matter where they are!

The Explorer 3-in-1 Insulin Cooler

Voyager travel case for insulin

The Explorer 3n1 is an innovative, versatile, and compact insulin travel case cooler that offers 3 different cooling methods, making it suitable for all travel situations: beach, camping, hiking, plane trips, road trips, mountain, city tours, business, etc.
It can be used with its powerful USB lid that works like a mini-fridge when plugged into a USB power source like a car cigarette lighter, a USB solar panel, a portable power bank, or AC household power.
When you don’t have access to electricity, switch the lid, and the Explorer becomes an insulated cooling bottle with biogel freeze packs (included). And for maximum refrigeration efficiency and duration, you can even use the USB lid and the biogel freeze packs together!
The Explorer has a great capacity as it can fit 7 insulin pens and numerous vials. Depending on your preferred cooling method, this travel case can refrigerate insulin for up to 72 hours (3 days!)

The Nomad Insulin Travel Case

4AllFamily Nomad Portable Cooler for Insulin & Medications - Blue
Our Nomad Insulin Travel Cases work without power. Instead, we use a potent built-in insulation layer that helps maintain the desired temperature inside thanks to high-performance biogel freeze packs (included).
Yet, they can keep insulin at fridge temperature between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C) for 28 hours and at room temperature below 77°F (25°C) for 46 hours when the outside temperature is as high as 104°F (40°C).
The medium model can fit 3 insulin pens, whereas the big one fits up to 7 pens. You’d be surprised about how lightweight and convenient they are!
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The Rambler Insulin Pen Case

4AllFamily Rambler 10H Small Cooling Case - Blue
Here's 4AllFamily's pocket-size insulin pen case; meet the Rambler!
It’s a super lightweight cooling case weighing only 0.7 lbs, ideal for keeping one insulin pen cool during hot summer days, daily activities, school trips, etc.
The Rambler maintains a safe room temperature range below the threshold of 77°F (25°C) for 14 hours when it’s 95°F (35°C) outside!
Be careful: The Rambler does not keep insulin refrigerated. It is designed for open insulin that needs to be protected from the heat!
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The Companion Insulin Carrying Bag

Companion travel case for insulin
Last but not least, our Companion insulin carrying bag has been designed to protect insulin pens and vials from heat.
It can keep up to 5 insulin pens within the safe room temperature range of 36°F - 79°F (2 - 26°C) for 10 hours when the outside temperature is 104°F / 40°C!

4AllFamily Insulin Travel Cases, Shop Coolers!
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What to Look for When Choosing an Insulin Travel Case?

When choosing an insulin travel case, it's essential to consider your specific needs and preferences. Look for a durable, lightweight, and easy-to-transport case. You may also want to consider the size and shape of the case, as well as the level of insulation or refrigeration it provides.
Here are the most important factors to consider and key features to look for:

  • Insulation & cooling performance: The travel case should have proper insulation to keep insulin and other medications at the right temperature range during transport. If you need to keep insulin refrigerated, look for a more powerful travel case that can maintain a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F) for several hours. 
  • Size and capacity: Choose a case that is the right size and capacity for your specific needs. Consider how many insulin pens or vials you need to carry, as well as other diabetic supplies such as lancets, test strips, and glucose meters. 
  • Durability: Look for an insulin travel case made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the rigors of travel. Consider whether the case is water-resistant or waterproof and has a sturdy outer shell to protect your insulin pens and vials from impacts or bumps. 
  • TSA approval: If you're flying with insulin, ensure your travel case cooler is TSA-approved and complies with airline regulations for carrying medical supplies on board. All 4AllFamily's insulin coolers are TSA-approved for airplane travel. 
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If you have any doubts or questions about our insulin travel cases, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below. We’re here to help! 
March 30, 2023

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