10H Small Cooling Case for Daily Use

$ 29.99 USD


Weighting only 0.7lbs, 4AllFamily small cooling case is a very practical solution for daily trips to work, for kids going to school, and any other daily activities. 

Size & Fit

With a height of 8.1" and a diameter of 1.7", it is an extremely small carry case for medicine, which gives you more free space for your diabetic supplies.

With a free space of 0.95" in diameter, it will fit most insulin pens, such as Toujeo Insulin, Novolog Insulin, Victoza, Admelog, Novomix50, Novorapid, Levemir Insulin, Lantus Insulin Pen Case, Apidra Insulin Pen, Tresiba Insulin Pen and most other medications with the same diameter.



As usual, 4Allfamily travel medicine kit solutions are so discreet it can easily pass any security checkpoints.

How to use it

Just freeze the ice pack for 6+ hours, and put it in warm water for 30-60 seconds, so its minimum temperature reaches 2C/36F and not less. Then pack and go.

Note: You can also leave the ice pack outside for around 10 minutes, but putting it in warm water instead would be faster. Outside temperature may vary a lot between winter and summer, so 10 minutes might not be enough.


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