Keep your medicine cool

The easy way to travel with your medication

You're tired of dripping ice coolers and hotel fridges. But you need a stressless way to travel with your medication. So it's time you meet 4AllFamily.


With 4AllFamily, your medication stays cool.
No matter the circumstances.

Made with love

The idea for 4AllFamily was born after an incident in the summer of 2018. The founders witnessed their diabetic friend discover his insulin had been spoiled. This ignited a passion in them to build high-capacity coolers designed to withstand even the most extreme summer conditions.

We’re always here for you 

Many of our employees and partners have diabetes or other chronic conditions treated with refrigerated drugs. We've experienced the pain of travelling with medication on our own skin.
That is why we engineered near-perfect coolers. That is why we provide outstanding customer service every single day. We'd love for you to be a part of our growing family.

Not a luxury but a necessity

Despite all the hardships you experience, there's one thing you shouldn't tolerate.
Don't let the fear of spoiled meds stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

Learn how to travel and take care of your medicine

Information matters to us, and we’re always trying to teach our customers how to best look after their health and keep their medicines cool. Visit our blog to find out more about how to better care of yourself and your medicine!