Inyecciones para la impotencia

Injections for Erectile Dysfunction: A Complete Guide!

How intracavernosal injections can be an effective solution for erectile dysfunction. We delve into different types, like Trimix or Caverject, their application, and associated risks. Regain confidence in your sexual life!
January 05, 2024
Que es Trimix

What is Trimix and How do Injections for Erectile Dysfunction Work?

What is Trimix injection for erectile dysfunction? Learn how it works, its application, dosage, side effects, and more. Detailed information and practical tips in a comprehensive guide on Trimix.
January 05, 2024
Instructions for injecting Trimix

A Step-by-Step Guide to Injecting Trimix Correctly!

Injecting Trimix can be daunting for men with erectile dysfunction. Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide to injecting Trimix correctly and avoid pain and complications.
May 05, 2023
A man traveling with Trimix injections for Erectile Dysfunction

Essential Tips for Traveling with Trimix Injections!

A medical-grade travel cooler is an essential item for anyone traveling with Trimix, as the unstable penile injection can only stay unrefrigerated for a few hours. Learn more here!
May 03, 2023
Storing Trimix injections for erectile dysfunction

How to Freeze or Refrigerate Trimix? How Long Does it Last?

Trimix penile injections for erectile dysfunction are quite unstable and require rigorous storage and temperature conditions. Understanding how to properly store Trimix is essential for the success of your ED treatment.


April 25, 2023
How to use and store Caverject Impulse

Caverject Impulse: A Guide to Correct Usage and Storage

Caverject must be injected in the penis 5 to 20 minutes before sexual activity. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to correctly store and use your Caverject Impulse Syringes for erectile dysfunction.
April 24, 2023