Medium Biogel Ice Pack for Medicine Coolers

$ 24.99 USD

This Biogel Ice Pack is actually the Ice Pack that you can see on the 4AllFamily Medium Size Nomad Cooler and Companion: Soft Medical Cooler Bag, but it also would fit with:

- Explorer: 72 Hours Insulin Cooler 3-in-1 Medicine Travel Cooler.
- Voyager: Travel Fridge for Insulin & Refrigerated Drugs.
- Nomad: Medium Portable Cooler for Insulin & Medications.

Size & Fit

Height: 7.5’’ / 19cm
Width: 2’’ / 4.8cm

How to use it

Used on mentioned models would help increase free space diameter from 2 inches / 5 cm to 2.35 inches / 6cm, but the cooling performance would decrease by approximately 3 hours.


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