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Travel Refrigerator for Insulin & Refrigerated Drugs

The perfect solution for storing your stocks of insulin or any other medication that must be stored at fridge temperature. Keep your drugs safe and refrigerated at any time with this new innovative medical-grade portable travel fridge!

Endorsed by medical professionals and trusted by thousands of customers

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We made 4AllFamily coolers and portable fridges for medicines for people like you. So you can transport medicine without dripping ice coolers. Enjoy your time without refilling the ice. And rest without worrying about your medication.

Stay cool while traveling

Efficient and durable coolers

  • Hold up to 7 insulin pens
  • 3 Cooling methods and 4 different cooler models
  • Keep medicine cool for up to 50 hours without power 
  • TSA approved for travel
  • Worldwide shipping

Keep 30+ medications
safely protected

Own a mini-fridge for any medicine that needs to stay cool


Power your USB insulin cooler even off-the-grid

The USB lid can be charged via a number of power sources so you can travel with complete confidence.
Charge your cooler using any of the following:

  • Solar Panel
  • USB charger
  • Household Power
  • Car Cigarette Lighter
  • Portable Power Bank
Our customers say it so we don’t have to
Our customers say it so we don’t have to
I ordered this item as a gift for my husband, he is diabetic and used 3 type of insulin pen so this cooler being big and can be plugged in is really cool. My husband and myself always travel, it’s pArt of our Job so having a storage/cooler big enough to carry about 7 pens ( that is if the bio gel is inside as seen in the picture). It mean he can carry a 3 weeks supply and not have to worry about it.
— Myla B. Taman (United States)
Medicine cooler holding 7 insulin pens
Our customers say it so we don’t have to
LIFESAVING! I got diagnosed with type 1 in early 2022 about a month before my 6 week European backpacking trip. I researched options after being told insulin would have to be kept refrigerated & I came across 4AllFamily. Their products have been exactly what I've needed. I traveled to the Netherlands, Germany, Czechia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, England, Scotland & Wales with my cooler. 6 weeks total!
— Dean (United States)
Traveling with portable cooler and power bank
Our customers say it so we don’t have to
I bought two of these coolers for my insulin. We are on a 6 month trip out of the country and I needed something to ensure my insulin would be kept cold while traveling. These are the BEST insulin coolers! I can’t say enough about them! I did A LOT of research. Every diabetic on insulin needs one! I put all my vials in the containers with the gel pack and didn’t need to use the refrigerated lid. The insulin stayed cool until we reached our destination. At least 10 hours. I have since used them during our stay when the electricity went out for 20 hours.
— Diana Fawcett Bajema (United States)
Portable medicine cooler and vial covers
Our customers say it so we don’t have to
This portable insulin cooler is ABSOLUTELY incredible!! It comes with an ice pack that can keep cool for 50 hours AND it has a USB port so you can plug it in ANYWHERE with an outlet or USB connectivity- the coolest part about that? It can then keep insulin refrigerated for 72+ hours!!!! Where was this product when I moved across the states???? It works amazing and is quiet when plugged in. - Absolutely great for all sorts of travel, hiking, camping, beach days , hotel stays and more.
— AJ Sepulveda (United States)
Portable medicine cooler
Our customers say it so we don’t have to
It worked so well and I was so impressed, I asked about selling them! I've told everyone within social media range about these. I thoroughly tested mine (my autoinjectors are HUGE and i can fit THREE in this!) and I'm highly impressed...and I am the world's worst skeptic, so that is saying something. I plan on buying another model just to show my friends. My doctor's office has seen it and my PA was impressed as well! Keep up the good work y'all!
— Angela Brumit (United States)
Portable medicine cooler holding three autoinjectors