Victoza (liraglutide) is an injectable medicine used for type 2 diabetes management that helps lower blood sugar levels when used alongside a healthy diet and regular physical exercise. 

Now, Victoza injection pens are a bit finicky when it comes to temperature, so it's important to keep them refrigerated and store them just right. But don't worry, traveling with Victoza is totally doable! Whether you're hitting the road or taking to the skies, for a quick getaway or an extended adventure, here are our most helpful tips to keep Victoza cool while traveling!

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How to Travel With Victoza

Don’t worry: your Victoza pens can go everywhere with you! Diabetic supplies and medications, including Victoza, are permitted through airport security screenings, and you can cross international borders with all your medical essentials. Nonetheless, as with any chronic condition, traveling with diabetes is significantly smoother when you're well-prepared and organized.

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Traveling with diabetes

Traveling with diabetes might seem daunting at first. Stepping away from our familiar surroundings and routines can cause stress about managing blood sugar levels effectively. It is true that handling diabetes outside of our usual comfort zone can be a bit more challenging. But if you’re planning a journey, it means you’re already up for the challenge!

Every day, millions of people worldwide travel with diabetes. They're living proof that it's entirely manageable. The secret lies in preparation and organization. By meticulously planning your trip and arranging your medical supplies, documents, travel insurance, and snacks, you ensure a seamless and stress-free travel experience, even with diabetes.

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Traveling with Victoza

Now, traveling with Victoza can add even more challenges! Here are a few things you should consider prior to your travel:

  • Carrying Victoza pens at cool temperatures. Remember that Victoza pens must be kept refrigerated before first use and protected from heat once open. And naturally, this may pose challenges during travel, especially in regions with extreme temperatures. But using insulated carrying cases for Victoza pens or medical-grade travel coolers can help! 
  • Adjusting to time zone changes. If you're traveling across different time zones, maintaining a consistent injection schedule for Victoza is another thing to consider before taking odd. Consult with your healthcare provider to adjust your dosing times accordingly and ensure continuous management of your diabetes.
  • Airport security screening with injections. Fortunately, diabetic supplies, including Victoza injection pens and needles, are allowed through airport security screenings. But there are a few things you must know prior departure, including a few packing tips and documents that may help smooth the screening process (see at the end of the article).
  • Border crossing with medications. Crossing international borders with medications, including Victoza, is generally permitted for personal use. However, it’s always best to familiarize yourself with the regulations of your destination country regarding the importation of prescription drugs to avoid any complications. 

So, if you have any questions regarding these points, continue reading to find all the answers you need about traveling with Victoza!

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How To Keep Victoza Cold While Traveling

Let’s start with the biggest challenge of traveling with your Victoza pens: how to keep it cold? Remember, Victoza injection pens must be refrigerated between 36°F and 46°F (2°C - 8°C) before first use. Once opened, they can be kept at room temperature, providing it does not exceed 86°F (30°C) and for no more than 30 days.

So, the big question is: Can you pull off this cool storage while you're on the go or out exploring? Well, of course you can! But you might need a proper carrying cooler case for your Victoza pens!

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Controling Victoza temperature on excursions

Carrying your Victoza pen at a safe temperature while on excursions or traveling can be tricky, whether you're jet-setting to distant lands or enjoying a local afternoon adventure. Picture a sunny day at the beach, a hike bathed in sunlight, or a leisurely stroll around town. Even unexpected scenarios like a sudden power outage can disrupt your refrigeration plans and ruin your Victoza injections in a few hours only, making you lose hundreds of dollars worth of medicine and, worst, putting your health at risk!

So, when traveling or away from home, protecting your Victoza pen from heat and direct sunlight, particularly when temperatures exceed 86°F (30°C), becomes crucial. Fortunately, there are several solutions available to address this issue:

  • If your excursion is a day trip and your usual injection time falls in the morning, consider administering your dose before leaving. Leave your pen safely stored in a cool place, either at home or in your hotel room.
  • But if you need to carry your Victoza pen with you, either because your injection time falls during the trip or you'll be away for multiple days, investing in a travel cooling case makes no doubt. 

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Victoza Travel Cases for Carrying Your Pens Cold!

When it comes to safeguarding the efficacy of your Victoza pens while on the move, investing in specialized Victoza travel cases designed for optimal cooling is essential. While DIY cooler bags using ice cubes in an insulated lunch bag may seem cost-effective, they often lack efficiency and convenience, leaving your medication vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and exposed to risks of freezing when in contact with the ice.

If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s best to use medical-grade carrying cooling cases. At 4Allfamily, we offer two types of travel cases to keep your Victoza pens cool while traveling.

Refrigerated Travel Cases for Victoza

These coolers are designed to transport your Victoza pens at fridge-level temperatures. They are ideal for carrying unopened pens that must be kept refrigerated at all times, like they would be in your domestic refrigerator at home.

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Room Temperature Carrying Cases for Victoza

Specifically designed for open pens that can be stored at room temperature, these coolers keep Victoza cool and protected from the heat without the need for refrigeration.

Some our of travel coolers function with Biogel freezepacks, which require no electricity and are perfect for extended travel periods without access to power sources.

Other of our travel cases can operate on battery power and can be easily plugged into a car cigarette lighter, a portable solar panel, external batteries, and more. Certain coolers even offer dual power options, allowing them to function with both electric and non-electric cooling methods.

While these travel cases imply an initial investment, we always recomment not to compromise on the effectiveness of your Victoza travel storage solution. Choose a dedicated Victoza travel case that ensures peace of mind and optimal medication preservation throughout your journeys.

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Tips for Flying with Victoza

While taking the plane with medical injections like Victoza may seem stressing, it is much easier than it used to be. First and unfortunately, there are more diabetics than ever. Second and fortunately, airport staffs have been trained and know better about diabetes supplies and diabetics’ rights at the airport. 

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All diabetes medication, supplies, and medical devices are allowed through airport security screenings. That includes insulin, insulin pumps, injector pensneedlessyringes, vials, oral medications, lancets, blood test strips, glucagon emergency kit, juice for hypoglycemia, snacks, blood glucose meters & continuous blood glucose monitors, blood test strips, alcohol swabs, infusion kits, urine ketone strips, sharps disposal containers, diabetes medications, pills, and any injectable medicine like MounjaroOzempicVictozaTrulicity, or Byetta.

You are allowed to fly with your Victoza pen, along with the disposable needles and any other medical supplies you may need during your travel.

Do not pack any medication in your checked luggage.  Hazardous temperature and atmospheric conditions during the flight could damage your meds. 

If you’re wearing a CGM or an insulin pump, you can request a pat down search, as some of these electronic medical devices may deteriorate when screened by the full 360 body scanners. 

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Air pressure changes during take-off and landing can cause air bubbles to accumulate in your Victoza pan. To ensure proper injection, prime your pen by turning the dosage knob to 2-3 units and pushing it upward until drops of Victoza are released. Repeat this process if necessary until there are no more bubbles.

Moreover, flying may impact blood sugar levels due to various factors like stress, altitude changes, and dehydration. Be prepared to adjust your sugar intake accordingly. Always keep fast-acting sugars on hand during the flight in case of hypoglycemia, and avoid heavy-carb meals while traveling. 

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Documents for air travel with Victoza

While the American Transport and Security Administration (TSA) doesn't officially mandate carrying a medical prescription to fly with Victoza or other diabetic supplies, having these documents can sometimes ease the screening process, particularly when dealing with unfamiliar or non-compliant agents.

Similarly, downloading and completing the TSA notification card for individuals with disabilities and medical conditions, specifying your diabetes, isn’t mandatory but advisable.

These documents may also help when crossing internatinal borders. While often unnecessary, they can prevent unexpected stressful situations, especially in certain countries. If traveling to a non-English speaking destination, consider translating your medical certificate into the local language to facilitate communication at border crossings.

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Last updated on April, 26, 2024.

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4AllFamily said:

Hola Patricia,
Gracias por tu pregunta. Respecto a tu viaje, es importante mantener Victoza en condiciones adecuadas para asegurar su efectividad. Victoza debe estar refrigerado y, si necesitas transportarlo, puede permanecer fuera del refrigerador por un máximo de 30 días, pero nunca debe exponerse a temperaturas superiores a 30C.
Si las temperaturas están muy elevadas en el carro, te recomiendo utilizar una hielera portátil diseñada para medicamentos como las que tenemos en 4AllFamily que son perfectas para este propósito y asegurarán que tu medicamento se mantenga a una temperatura adecuada durante el viaje. Algunas pueden incluso enchufarse al encendedor de cigarrillos del carro y funcionar como un verdadero frigorifico!
Cualquier duda sobre los productos, nos puedes contactar al servicio de atención al cliente: +1 508 921 0865.
Que tengas un buen viaje!

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Empece tratamiento de victoza pero voy a viajar y las temperaturas han estado muy elevadas. Serán 5 días como la trasporto en carro

4AllFamily Customer Care Team said:

Buenos dias Esther,
Para viajes largos, recomendamos el uso de una nevera portátil específicamente diseñada para refrigerar medicamentos. Puedes consultar el catalog de nuestros coolers aqui: Antes de elegir uno, tendrías que saber cuantas horas de viaje (autonomía), cuantos bolis de Victoza llevas (tamaño) y que características te gustan mas (gel packs o electricidad, baterías, etc…).
Si resists ayuda para elegir, no dudes en contacter nuestro equipo de apoyo al +1 508 921 0865
Un saludo,
4AllFamily Customer Care Team

esther said:

Hola buenas recién me han enviado a tomar viztoza y tengo programado un viaje largo viajo de Barcelona a Singapur y no se como llevar la viztosa ya que aunque lleve una nevera son muchas horas de vuelo. cual seria la mejor para poder volar tantas horas

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