If you've traveled with diabetes before, you know how important it is to find your own healthy habits that you’re comfortable with and suit your needs. When on the go, diabetic snacks for air travels and road trips are key! But finding great and tasty diabetic-friendly bites to quell sudden hunger without spiking your blood sugars can be a challenge when traveling. We often run out of ideas!

So, without further ado, we're sharing 12 fantastic low-carb ideas that make the perfect travel snacks for diabetics on the go!

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12 Best Diabetic Snacks on The Go: Tasty, Healthy and Travel-friendly

1. Mixed unsweetened nuts for air travels

nuts are great travel snacks for diabetics

Nuts are an all times classic travel snack for diabetics on the go. One ounce of mixed nuts only can satisfy your hunger and bring you plenty of energy for only 6 grams of carbs for a minimal impact on your blood sugar levels. Full of proteins and healthy fats, nuts are part of a healthy and nutritious diabetes-friendly diet.

Besides, they’re incredible convenient for travel as they're compact, lightweight, and no trouble at all to pack! You can enjoy them effortlessly during your journeys, making them an ideal choice for air travel as they comply with airport security regulations.

Preferred choices: Opt for a variety like Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pistachios, and Peanuts for a healthy mix.

What to avoid: Stay clear of honey-roasted or heavily salted nuts to keep sugar and sodium intake in check.

Tasty Alternative: Individual servings of peanut butter are a fantastic option for diabetic-friendly snacks on the go thanks to their low sugar content. But it’s also high in fat, so don’t have too much!

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2. Avocado, superfood and sugar-free diabetic snack

Avocado snacks for diabetic on the go

Avocado is a nutritional powerhouse and an excellent diabetic road trip snack. Brimming with fiber, healthy fats, and a wealth of nutrients, it's a superfood with tons of health benefits without the sugar rush. With approximately 12 grams of carbohydrates per cup (150 grams), avocados are a smart choice for maintaining stable blood glucose levels during your travels.  

It may require a bit more prep than other snacks but avocados are particularly suitable for road trips and outdoor adventures. You’d need to carry a knife with you to slice it, which may be problematic for airplane travels.  

Preferred Choice: It’s always best to stick to raw, organic avocados.

What to Avoid: Bypass avocados in processed forms which often come with added sugars, salt, and preservatives.

Delicious Alternative: For easier consumption while on the go, homemade guacamole, or unsweetened avocado shakes can also make great travel snacks.

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3. Sardines, the ultimate zero-carb snack for diabetics on the go!

Sardines are diabetes-friendly travel snacks

Sardines are a great choice if you’re in search of on the go snacks for diabetics. They contain zero net carbs and won't spike your blood sugar levels, all while providing an array of beneficial nutrients. Loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamins, and protein, sardines are not only nutritious but according to recent research, they may also play a role in preventing Type 2 diabetes.

Sardines are not suited for air travel due to restrictions on canned goods, but they're an excellent guilt-free option for other types of travel and all kinds of road trips. Just slip a tin of sardines into your lunch bag and you're set for a healthy snack anytime.

Preferred Choice: Sardines packed in water, free from added salt.

What to Avoid: Steer clear of sardines in oil or with sugary seasonings that can spike your blood sugar and wouldn’t be so diabetic-friendly.

Alternative: Other canned fish such as Tuna, Pink Salmon, and Mackerel are also great travel snacks for diabetics! 

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4. Low-glycemic fruits, ideal snacks for diabetic travelers and weight watchers

Low glycemic fruits for snacking with diabetes while traveling

When it comes to diabetic-friendly travel snacks and weight management, low-carb fruits are a top choice. While most fruits are known for their high sugar content, some varieties contain less sugar and are diabetic-friendlier than others.

Low in both calories and fats, it’s also a great choice if you want to manage your weight-loss diet while traveling.

Besides, during travel, fruits also can provide a quick and healthy sugar refill in case of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Preferred Choices: Stick to fruits like watermelon, berries, cantaloupe, peach, and orange for a low-carb snack option.

What to Avoid: Skip fruits with higher sugar content, such as bananas, grapes, mango, and pineapple, to better manage your blood sugar levels while on the go.

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5. Raw vegetables slices: the healthiest snack for diabetics!

veggie snacks for diabetics on the go

If you’re seeking the healthiest diabetic snacks for traveling, look no further than raw vegetable slices. With literally no fat, very few calories, and nearly zero carbs, they offer a guilt-free option that helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

2 to 3 cups of vegetables should be part of your daily diet, even while traveling. Simply slice your favorite veggies at home and pack them in a convenient zipper bag. Carrots, celery, radishes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, and cauliflower are all excellent choices!

What to Avoid: Beter steer clear of high-carb vegetables such as beets and corn, which aren’t so diabetic-friendly.

Alternative: For added flavor and enjoyment, you can also pair your veggie slices with sugar-free dips such as guacamole or creamy cheese. 

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6. Olives, a diabetes and keto-friendly friendly travel snack on the go

Olive snacks for diabetic travelers on the go

Rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and healthy monounsaturated fats, olives are excellent diabetes-friendly travel snacks  and totally suitable for those following a ketogenic diet, even while on the move. With approx 6g of carbs per 100g serving, these flavourful and easy-to-pack bites won't disrupt your blood sugar levels.

Look for individual servings, readily available in most supermarkets, for a convenient and healthy travel snack option. 

Preferred Choice: Kalamata Olives are considered one of the healthiest varieties!

Alternative: Consider trying tapenade, an olive spread that serves as a delicious dip for sliced vegetables. 

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7. Boiled eggs, a perfect low-carb snack for everyone

Boiled egg snacks for diabetic on the go airplane travels and road trips

Boiled eggs are a convenient and nutritious option for diabetic travelers seeking a quick and satisfying snack between meals. They're super easy to prepare and pack, and only contain approx 0.6g of carbohydrates per large egg.

If you're healthy, you can safely enjoy up to three eggs per day. However, if you have concerns about your cholesterol levels, it’s best to limit your egg intake and focus on just the egg whites. 

Preferred Choice: Boiled eggs. 

What to Avoid: Fried eggs are higher in unhealthy fats and additional calories, which may not align with your dietary goals, especially when managing diabetes or on a weight-loss diet.

8. Plain drinkable yogurt, your go-to diabetic snack

Plain yogurt to snack with diabetes

With only approx 4g of carbohydrates per 100g serving, plain drinkable yogurt is another great choice for a diabetic-friendly travel snack while on the go. Besides, yogurt is quite filling and helps reduce appetite and hunger, thanks to its high probiotic content, which promotes gut health.

Drinkable yogurt is incredibly convenient for travel, but you may not be able to carry it on an airplane unless purchased after passing through security checks. 

Preferred Choices: Plain yogurts without added sugars, non-fat yogurt, or Greek yogurt for a nutritious and satisfying snack option.

What to Avoid: Steer clear of added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and high-fat content, which can detract from its health benefits and potentially spike your blood sugar levels.

Alternative: Kefir or milk offer similar nutritional benefits and are also diabetic-friendly!

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9. Beef jerky, high protein diabetic travel snack

Beef jerky diabetic travel snack on the go

Beef jerky is a great snack option for diabetics who need a quick and convenient boost while traveling. Packed with protein and essential minerals like zinc, iron, vitamin B12, and phosphorus, beef jerky delivers on nutrition while keeping carbs low.

However, be mindful of sodium intake when consuming beef jerky, as it can be high in sodium. Excessive sodium consumption can impact heart health and blood pressure. One ounce of beef jerky provides around 22% of the daily sodium intake recommendation, so moderation is key here.

Preferred Choices: Beef jerky with unsweetened seasonings, preferably homemade or unprocessed varieties, to minimize added sugars.

What to Avoid: Steer clear of jerky with sugary seasonings such as barbecue sauce or honey, as these can increase carb content and affect blood sugar levels. Additionally, pork jerky should be avoided due to its higher fat content. 

Alternative: If beef jerky isn't your preference or you're looking for variety, consider alternatives such as turkey jerky, salmon jerky, or lamb jerky.

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10. Cheese sticks, easy travel bites for diabetes

cheese stick snacks for diabetic on the go

Cheese sticks are a perfect go-to snack for diabetic travelers, offering a portable and satisfying bite to keep hunger at bay. With approx 1g of carbs per 28g portion, cheese provides a protein-packed and calcium-rich boost.

On the downside, cheese is typically high in cholesterol and sodium. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 2 to 3 servings of low-fat dairy products daily. 

Cheese sticks are readily available in various supermarkets, offering a wide selection to suit different tastes. Individually wrapped servings are super convenient for airtravels and any kind of travels like road trip, camping, and outdoor excursions.

Preferred Choices: Low-fat cheese varieties such as mozzarella, parmesan, goat cheese, feta, or blue cheese contain less saturated fat and fewer calories.

What to Avoid: High-fat cheese options like camembert, brie, cheddar, or processed cheese. 

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11. Chia seed pudding, a nutrient-packed snack for diabetic travellers

Chia pudding travel snack for diabetes

Chia seed pudding is another convenient and nutritious snack to fuel your adventures safely if you have diabetes.

Chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants, contributing to overall health and well-being. The combination of fiber and healthy fats results in a slow release of glucose into the bloodstream, making it an ideal choice for maintaining stable blood sugar levels during travel. 

Choose portable and leak-proof travel containers and divide into single servings for traveling.

Preferred Choice: Opt for unsweetened milk alternatives like almond milk or coconut milk to minimize added sugars and control carbohydrate intake. You can customize your chia seed pudding with natural sweeteners such as stevia, erythritol, or a small amount of honey for example.

What to Avoid: Commercially prepared chia seed pudding that contain added sugars, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

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12. Edamame, a healthy diabetic snack for air travel and road trips!


Edamame snacks for diabetes

Edamame, or young soybeans, make an excellent snack option for airtravels, road trips, and other travel adventures. Packed with protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, edamame do not cause rapid blood sugar spikes, making it perfectly suitable for people with diabetes.

With no need for cutlery and no risks of licking, edamame offers hassle-free snacking. Look for resealable packages, allowing you to enjoy a bit and keep the rest for later, perfect for your journey! 

Preferred Choice: Steamed or boiled edamame pods retain their nutritional benefits while easy to pack and enjoy on the go. Season with a sprinkle of sea salt or a squeeze of lemon juice for added taste.

What to Avoid: Edamame snacks with added sugars, artificial flavors, or excessive sodium can negatively impact blood sugar levels and overall health. Additionally, steer clear of fried or coated edamame varieties, as they’re often higher in unhealthy fats and calories.

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Snacks for Diabetics On the Go: What to look for?

First things first. There are two kinds of snacks for diabetics with completely opposite purposes. In this article, we’re focusing on low-carb diabetic travel snacks you can eat without spiking your blood glucose. However, if you're managing diabetes, particularly with insulin, you should also carry fast-acting sugar snacks or a glucagon emergency kit in case of hypoglycemia.

Low-carb diabetic snacks for travels

You’re on the road, on a plane, or perhaps you’re hiking remote mountains and camping in the wilderness. Hunger strikes! Your next meal isn't for a few hours. Like everyone else, you need to curb that hunger, but as a diabetic, you have to be smarter. Snacking in between meals can significantly raise your sugars and disrupt your diabetes management. 

Fortunately, there are nourishing low-carb foods that make perfect diabetic snacks on the go. Almonds, jerkies, cheese, vegetables...and all those we’ve added to the list above! 

Fast-acting sugar snacks for hypoglycemia

Another snacking scenario diabetics often face when traveling is low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), especially when you’re using insulin with type 1 diabetes. But type 2 diabetes medications, like metformin or injections (MounjaroOzempicVictozaTrulicityByetta, etc.) also put you at risk of hypoglycemia.

So, whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, pack some fast-acting travel snacks for hypoglycemia to make sure you’re always prepared with snacks that can quickly raise your blood sugar levels.

The American Diabetes Association recommends following the 15-15 rule: “Have 15 grams of carbohydrates to raise your blood sugar and check it after 15 minutes. If it’s still below 70 mg/dL, have another serving. Repeat these steps until your blood sugar is at least 70 mg/dL.”

You find around 15 grams of fast-acting sugars in glucose tablets, 4 ounces of fruit juice, or 1 tablespoon of sugar or honey for example.

Diabetic travel snacks: Tasty, healthy & Easy to pack!

When you're traveling, you look for items that are small, compact, lightweight, and easy to pack. This applies to diabetic snacks as well. If you're looking for good travel snacks for diabetics or the best snacks for diabetics on the go, check our list of 13 tasty & healthy low-carb snacks above!

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