Traveling with refrigerated drugs and injection devices like the Wegovy pen can be challenging, and many of our readers have asked if they could even travel with Wegovy.
The answer may seem obvious at first (of course, you can travel with Wegovy!), but when you think about it, it raises many questions: how to keep Wegovy pens refrigerated while traveling? Can you take an injection device on a plane? What documents are required at the airport? Our team of experts answers them all below!

4AllFamily Travel Coolers for Cold Medicines
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How to Keep Wegovy Cool While Traveling?

Wegovy is an FDA-approved injectable prescription medication for weight loss. When used along with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical exercise, it may help people with obesity and overweight lose a significantly higher amount of body weight.
Wegovy comes in prefilled single-dose injector pens for weekly subcutaneous injections. The active ingredient, Semaglutide, is very sensitive to light and temperature. Therefore, Wegovy storage instructions are quite strict and require the injector pens to stay refrigerated until use.
So, what if your next injection occurs while you're away from home, be it for a week's holiday, a weekend trip, or a business journey? How can you transport your pens at the correct temperatures and ensure they don't spoil?
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Wegovy storage instructions

According to Novo Nordisk, Wegovy’s manufacturer, your medicine must be stored in the refrigerator (between 36°F and 46°F (2°C and 8°C)). However, when refrigeration is impossible, Wegovy pens can be kept out of the fridge for up to 28 days at room temperature, not exceeding 86°F (30°C), and protected from light.
Failure to follow these instructions can spoil your anti-obesity medication quickly until it becomes partially or totally ineffective. Therefore, keeping your Wegovy pens cool while traveling is essential and can save you thousands of dollars worth of medicine.

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Travel coolers for refrigerated drugs

There really are only two situations where you need to take extra precautions when transporting your Wegovy pens

  1. You are traveling for longer than 28 days. You must keep your Wegovy pens refrigerated between 36°F and 46°F (2°C and 8°C).  
In that case, most people chose to use a performant and reliable portable fridge for medications, such as the ones from 4AllFamily.
4AllFamily Voyager Travel Fridge for Refrigerated Medications like Wegovy

The Voyager Travel Fridge can keep up to 5 Wegovy pens refrigerated unlimitedly when plugged into any USB-power source, like a car cigarette lighter, a portable power bank, or a solar panel. When you don't have electricity access, it maintains fridge temperature (36-46°F / 2-8°C) for up to 30 hours! It’s equipped with an integrated thermostat and a temperature display screen.

4AllFamily Nomad Cooling Case 
Our Nomad Portable Cooler for Medications is a more lightweight version. The small model can fit 2 Wegovy pens, while the bigger size can fit 5. They both work with biogel freeze packs included in the package (no need for electricity). Depending on the model size and the outside temperature, the Nomad coolers can maintain fridge temperature for up to 30 hours and room temperature for up to 48 hours.

  1. You are traveling for less than 28 days, but the outside temperature may get higher than 86°F (30°C).

In that case, you may not need a travel fridge, but you do need a cooler to protect your Wegovy pens from the heat and ensure they stay at room temperature.

4AllFamily Travel Cooling Cases for Cold drugs
 Should you have any doubts regarding our products, please feel free to contact us or comment below. We're here to help!

More tips to keep Wegovy cool while traveling

Besides using a medical travel cooler, the following tips can help you keep your Wegovy pens refrigerated in different situations:

  • Always keep Wegovy pens in the shade and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Use a thermometer to keep track of temperatures.
  • Only carry your medicine if you have no other choice. When possible, leave it at home or in your hotel room.
  • Never place Wegovy near a heat source (fireplace, barbecue, hot plate, oven, burner, etc.)
  • Finally, do not leave your pens in the car. The temperature inside can rise very quickly. 

When in doubt, and if you think one of your Wegovy pens may have been exposed to high temperatures, do not use it. Similarly, never use a Wegovy pen if the liquid inside looks cloudy, discolored, or has particles. These may be signs it has gone bad. Last, remember that Wegovy has two expiration dates: the one labeled on the back of your pen and the one that occurs 28 days after you've removed it from the fridge. Always keep track of both dates.
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How to Travel by Plane with Wegovy

First things first, let’s confirm that you are allowed to fly with Wegovy pens. But there are some rules you should be aware of before packing your weight-loss medication for airplane travel. 
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TSA regulations for travelers with medications

The Transport and Security Administration (TSA) regulations for travelers with medications are clear: you can bring your medicine on board.
Wegovy is a liquid injectable drug, but the fluid restrictions do not apply to medications. Therefore, you can bring as many Wegovy pens as you need for your stay, and you can pack them in your carry-on. It’s also a good idea to bring extra pens in case your trip is unexpectedly extended (canceled or delayed flight).
Plastic zip bags are not required for medication. However, it's recommended to keep your Wegovy pens in their original container with readable labels, so the airport security staff can quickly identify them.
You can also bring a medical cooler or a mini travel fridge to keep your Wegovy pens refrigerated on board. 4AllFamily’s travel coolers are all TSA-approved.
Never pack your Wegovy pens in checked luggage, as the hazardous temperature and atmospheric conditions in the hold could damage your medicine.
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International travels with Wegovy (semaglutide)

Semaglutide is a widely used medicine available in most countries around the globe, so you shouldn’t face any particular issue when crossing international borders with your Wegovy pens.
Before departing for a foreign country, consider inquiring about traveling with medication to the local representatives (embassy or consulate). These documents can be required or at least help make the process smoother:

  • A letter from your doctor stating why you’re taking Wegogy
  • A copy of your medical prescriptions specifying the dosage
  • A medical health card
  • Proof of travel insurance 
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March 17, 2023

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