Traveling can be daunting and stressful, especially when your health depends on refrigerated medications.

Forteo (teriparatide injection) is an injectable drug used to treat certain forms of osteoporosis. Because it needs to be refrigerated to stay effective, we get a lot of questions from our readers about keeping Forteo safe and cool when traveling. Here are our answers!

4AlLFamily Travel Coolers and Portable Fridges for Medications

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Why do you need to keep Forteo cool while traveling?

Forteo is a temperature-sensitive medicine that must be refrigerated and protected from heat to stay effective. Its active ingredient, Teriparatide, is a biosimilar drug that’s unstable when not refrigerated.

As a rule of thumb, you must keep your Forteo pens refrigerated at all times, even when traveling. Before revealing our tips for traveling with Forteo, here's a reminder of its recommended storage conditions.

Forteo storage temperatures

According to Eli Lilly and Company, Forteo’s manufacturing laboratory, your pens must be “stored in the refrigerator between 36°F and 46°F (2°C and 8°C) at all times.” In addition, once opened, a Forteo pen must be used within 28 days maximum, whether refrigerated or not.

It then adds that “when traveling and refrigeration is unavailable, the Forteo delivery device can remain at room temperature conditions (77°F / 25°C) for a total of 36 hours.” 

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For people with osteoporosis traveling with Forteo pens, these strict storage requirements imply that:

  • You should use a portable travel fridge to refrigerate your pens when outside of home

  • Exceptionally, when refrigeration isn’t possible, you can transport your pens without refrigeration, but only if the ambient temperature is under (77°F / 25°C) and for a maximum of 36 hours.

  • When the ambient temperature is above (77°F / 25°C), you must use a cooling case that keeps your pens cool.

  • You must put your Forteo pens in a refrigerator as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Forteo Travel Coolers 

There are only two ways to keep Forteo cool and refrigerated while traveling

  • Use a DIY cooling bag with ice and deal with uncertainty, fluctuating temperatures, leaks, and wasted medicine.

  • Or use a medical-grade travel cooler and enjoy convenience, reliability, and peace of mind.

Most people traveling with refrigerated osteoporosis injections like Forteo or Tymlos or other refrigerated medicines like insulin, Humira, Mounjaro, or Ozempic, choose the easiest and safest road with 4AllFamily’s travel coolers.

4AllFamily’s travel cases for Forteo

4AllFamily offers travel cooling solutions for people with chronic diseases requiring refrigerated medications. Our product line is made to fit everyone's needs, from a few hours of heat protection to several days of refrigeration.

For examples, this travel fridge can keep your Forteo injection pens refrigerated between 36°F and 46°F (2°C - 8°C) for up to 52 hours without electricity. When plugged into a power source such as a car cigarette lighter, a USB power bank, or even a portable solar panel, it keeps your medicine refrigerated for an unlimited time. It can hold two Forteo pens, which is enough medicine for two months on a standard dosage.

Portable travel fridge for Forteo pens


Our Nomad cooling cases are a bit smaller and ideal for keeping one Forteo pen refrigerated for 30 hours even when the outside temperature is as high as 104°F / 40°C. It’s very convenient, easy to use, and works with biogel packs (no electricity required).

Nomad cooling case for Forteo pens

4AllFamily's Nomad Cooling case for refrigerated medicines

The Transportation Security Administration approves all our medical coolers so that you can take your refrigerated drugs on the plane.

Check all our coolers here: 

Portable cooling cases for medications

Tips for keeping Forteo cool while traveling

Remember that Forteo can exceptionally stay at room temperature for a maximum of 36 hours. In no case should it be exposed to temperatures above (77°F / 25°C), even briefly.

So, while using a cooling case is by far the most recommended solution to travel with Forteo pens, here are a few tips for protecting your medicine from high heat:

  • Always keep your Forteo pens in the shade
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Never leave your injection pens in the car
  • Do not place Forteo pens near a heat source (stove, oven, barbecue, etc.)
  • Use a thermometer to keep track of temperatures
  • Forteo should not freeze. If traveling to extremely cold destinations, keep your pens close to your body in an inside pocket, for example.

More about traveling with Forteo pens

Traveling with refrigerated medications can be stressful and challenging for some patients. But rest assured that your medicine will be safe with common sense and a reliable cooler! Thousands of people travel daily with refrigerated drugs, and they're doing just fine. You can do it too! Your health condition should not be a break in your travels and dreams.
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Can you fly with Forteo?  

Absolutely, you can fly with Forteo. According to the TSA guidelines, air travelers are allowed to fly with their medicines, whether in pills or injections. Syringes, needles, sharps, and medical devices can also be taken on board. Travel coolers used to refrigerate medications, like the ones from 4AllFamily, are allowed on airplanes too.
When flying with Forteo pens, always pack your medicine in your carry-on. The hold's hazardous temperature and atmospheric conditions could damage your treatment. 
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Do you need a medical prescription?  

In practice, most people traveling with medicine are not asked to show any document at national airport security checkpoints. However, you should bring a copy of your medical prescription when traveling with Forteo.
Besides, the labels on your medicine must be readable, and keeping your pens in their original container is recommended.
You may have to translate these documents into the local language when traveling internationally. You may also be asked to show proof of medical travel insurance. Enquire with the consulate or embassy of your destination before departure.
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If you have any questions about our products or need help traveling with Forteo, do not hesitate to comment below! One of our team members will happily get back to you.
February 08, 2023

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