Norditropin (generic name Somatropin) is a pharmaceutical human growth hormone (HGH) analog used to treat growth hormone deficiencies in children and adults whose bodies don't produce enough natural growth hormone.

Growth hormone is essential for the growth of bones, muscles, and cells. Manufactured HGHs like Norditropin, Genotropin, NutropinOmnitrope, or Humatrope are sometimes necessary to treat growth-related conditions like growth hormone deficiency, Noonan syndrome, Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, idiopathic short stature, and others. 

Norditropin is a prescription medicine administered via subcutaneous injections. Like all growth hormones, it's a liquid medication made with biological products that are very sensitive to light and temperature. Therefore, storage conditions are essential for its effectiveness and safety for use

If you or your child has newly been prescribed Norditropin injections, read this article to ensure you know how to store your medication correctly.  

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Does Norditropin need to be refrigerated?

Norditropin is manufactured by Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical company and is available with the FlexPro Pen. It's a convenient self-injection device designed to simplify the injection process and pain perception.

There are 4 Norditropin pens preloaded with different strengths of medication and dose increments (5 mg / 1.5 mL (orange pen), 10 mg / 1.5 mL (blue pen), 15 mg / 1.5 mL (green pen), 30 mg / 3 mL (purple pen)).

Unlike Genotropin, which must be reconstituted before first use by mixing the powder with the diluent, Norditropin pens are loaded with a premixed solution. Therefore, there's no reconstitution needed.

It makes Norditropin storage instructions relatively simpler than for other growth hormone products.

According to the manufacturer, all Norditropin pens must be stored in the refrigerator (between 36°F and 46°F / 2°C and 8°C) prior to first use. Then, they can be kept at room temperature (up to 77°F / 25°C) for 21 days.

When unopened and properly stored in the fridge, Norditropin lasts until the expiration date labeled on each pen.

How long does Norditropin last out of the fridge?

Once used for the first time or taken out of the fridge, Norditropin lasts for 21 days maximum (if kept at room temperature and protected from high heat and exposure to light). 

It means that you must keep track of the date you first used your Norditropin pen or took it out of the fridge. After 21 days, dispose of the pen, even if it still contains medication inside and its expiration date has not passed.

What happens when Norditropin is not refrigerated?

Like most biological products, Norditropin (Somatropin) is a sensitive medicine that quickly deteriorates when not refrigerated. Letting your Norditropin pens out of the fridge for too long or get too hot or too cold decreases the effectiveness of the medication.

You won’t be poisoned if you use Norditropin that’s been unrefrigerated for too long. But you could be using a human growth hormone that has partially or totally lost its biological potency. Ultimately, it's like getting a lower dose of medicine or no medicine at all, which could significantly reduce the action of your treatment and have severe consequences for your or your child’s health. 

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How to store Norditropin after first use?

After first use, Norditropin pens do not necessarily have to be refrigerated as they can be stored at room temperature for 21 days (maximum).

The room temperature should not exceed 77°F / 25°C. Exposure to higher temperatures could quickly make your HGH go bad and become inefficient. Therefore, if you live in a place where the ambient temperature frequently gets above 77°F / 25°C, you will need to use a cooler.

According to the manufacturer, you can extend the shelf life of your pen and can keep it for up to 4 weeks after the first use by putting it back in the refrigerator.  

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What happens if Norditropin freezes?

Freezing temperatures can also destroy your growth hormone injections, even if thawed afterward. Therefore, always make sure your Norditropin pens are not exposed to temperatures below 36°F / 2°C. Do not store your Norditropin near the freezer compartment of your fridge.

When living in or traveling to cold-weather destinations, keep your pen in an inside pocket, so the warmth of your body prevents it from getting too cold. Do not leave it in the car!

If you’re using an ice-pack cooler (which we do not recommend), make sure the pens are never in direct contact with the ice.

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How to travel with Norditropin and Growth hormones

Thanks to the possibility of leaving Norditropin unrefrigerated for up to 21 days, it’s one of the most convenient HGH injections to travel with. Indeed, most other brands require constant refrigeration after reconstitution, making traveling with growth hormones challenging.

However, you still have to take some precautions to protect your or your child’s Somatropin injections when traveling or away from home. 

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Tips for traveling with Norditropin pens safely

Here are a few tips to keep your Norditropin safe and effective when traveling:

  • If traveling with opened pens, use them within 21 days and keep them protected from temperatures above 77°F / 25°
  • Use a medical-grade travel cooler if temperatures are above 77°F / 25°
  • Never leave Norditropin pens in the car.
  • Store your medicine away from direct sunlight, and always keep the pen cap on.
  • If traveling with unopened pens, use a portable travel fridge to keep them refrigerated (see below).
  • Always keep your medicine and injection supplies in your carry-on bags if traveling by air.

Growth hormone travel coolers

4AllFamily specializes in designing cooling solutions for people whose lives depend on refrigerated drugs like growth hormones, Norditropin, Genotropin, insulin for diabetes, eye drops, Humira for rheumatoid arthritis, Ozempic, Mounjaro, Saxenda, or even vaccines.

Our different portable coolers can keep your Norditropin pens cool and protected from heat or even refrigerated continuously, depending on your needs. For example, our Nomad cooler uses simple bio-gel ice packs, while our most advanced version acts like a real mini-fridge with USB power. They're all TSA-approved for airplane travel.

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Should you have any questions or doubts regarding what product would be best for you, do not hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

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January 23, 2023

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