Soft Medical Cooler Bag (36-79F / 2-26C)

$ 33.99 USD


The perfect solution for storing your opened insulin or any other medication that requires a temperature of below 79F/ 26C. Keep your medication safe and at the right temperature with this practical and convenient cooling bag.

Practical only for opened medications that need to be stored below 79F.

4AllFamily offers a variety of cooling diabetes bag, and the soft case cooler should be used only for opened insulin or any other medication that needs storage below 79F/ 26C. If your meds need to refrigerated between 36-45F, please carefully check 4AllFamily other models, and you will not be disappointed by our variety of options, designed to fit every need in any possible travel scenario.

Size & Fit

With a height of 8.3" and a diameter of 2.95", it is very easy to carry around.



The outside shell is made of high-quality oxford fabric and three-layers of the following materials: PEVA, PEARL FOAM, PE FOAM which also help with the isolation. On the inside wall, it is added with Al foil that has excellent thermal insulation effect too.


As usual, 4Allfamily travel medicine kit solutions are so discreet it can be easily pass any security checkpoints.

How to use it

1- Just freeze the Blue Biogel Ice Pack for 6-8 hours and insert it in warm water for 60 seconds after you take it out the freezer before use.
2- Insert the Blue Biogel Ice Pack inside the pouch together with your medicines and you are good to go.


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