Travel Refrigerator for Insulin & Refrigerated Drugs

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The ultimate portable fridge for insulin and refrigerated drugs! Keep your injections at fridge temperature and protect your pills with our reliable and fashionable mini-fridge.

  • Fast charging
  • Pill storage
  • Anti-freeze security
  • Digital display
How to use it

The insulin and refrigerated drug travel refrigerator is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward, featuring only two buttons for easy operation. Simply insert your medicine into the refrigeration chamber, close the sealing cover, and press the right button for three seconds to turn the fridge on. Turning it off is just as easy: press the same button for three seconds. If the travel fridge is used with a power supply, it will automatically start when plugged in and stop when unplugged. The left button is used for turning on and off and adjusting the timing reminder setting. You will find detailed instructions for use in the package.


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10-Hours Drug Refrigeration on Battery / Unlimited on Power
Our portable medical fridge ensures that your medications and injections are kept at a safe and consistent refrigeration temperature range of 32°F - 46°F / 2°C-8°C, even during scorching hot days when the temperature outside reaches 104°F / 40°C!
It can operate on battery power for up to 10 hours, providing off-grid refrigeration.
Alternatively, it can be connected to any power source, including household power, car cigarette lighter, portable power bank, and USB solar panel, to refrigerate your medications for an indefinite amount of time.
Large Capacity Medicine Travel Cooler for Injection Pens & Vials
The fridge offers an ample refrigeration space to accommodate various types of refrigerated medications. Specifically, it can hold up to:
  • 5 insulin pens (Novolog, Lantus, NovoRapid, Toujeo, Admelog, Novomix, etc.)
  • 4 Ozempic or Levemir pens
  • 3 Humira, Tresiba, or Basaglar pens
  • 2 Mounjaro, Forteo, Kevzara, Taltz, or Benlysta pens

Please browse through the product images to confirm the compatibility of your specific injector pens. If your model isn’t included on the list, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.
Fast-charging battery
You can charge the 20000 mAh battery separately and fully recharge it in just 9 hours!
If you choose to charge the battery while it's inside the fridge, it will take 20 hours to fully charge with the fridge turned off, or 40 hours if the fridge is turned on.
4 Power Connections for any travel situations
No need to worry about power outage!
Our medical travel refrigerator comes equipped with 4 power connection options that ensure you are always powered up, regardless of the situation. You can use the original battery, a 5V power bank, an on-board USB, or a standard household plug.
Anti-freeze security, low-power alarm, and anti-loss card
We ensure the optimal storage temperature of your refrigerated drugs with advanced circulation refrigeration technology.
Our mini-fridge features an integrated thermostat and an auto shut-off safety to maintain a consistent temperature range of 36-46ᄚF / 2-8ᄚC. To prevent your injections from freezing, the cooler automatically shuts off if the temperature drops below 36ᄚF / 2ᄚC.
You can easily monitor the inside temperature with the intelligent digital temperature display, keeping a close eye on the temperature inside at any time and without having to open the fridge.
A low-battery alarm notifies you when the battery level reaches 20% and 10%, so you know you need to recharge your travel companion or change its battery.
Don't forget to fill in and insert the anti-loss card with your contact information before traveling!
A safe storage space for your pills too!
We’ve added a convenient room-temperature compartment that provides a safe space for your pills during your travels.
While many tablets, like Metformin, don’t require refrigeration, they still need to be protected from heat, light, and moisture while traveling.
The pill compartment measures 3.54x2.76x0.99″, making it large enough to carry sufficient tablets for days or even weeks of travel.
Extra battery packs for longer trips
Planning a longer trip and need more battery life to keep your meds refrigerated for longer? You can purchase additional battery packs for our travel fridge and switch them out to extend the battery life. Plus, our batteries have external ports and can be used as portable power banks on their own!
A Reliable, Portable, and Fashion Mini-Fridge
Travelling with chronic diseases such as diabetes is already challenging enough that you certainly don’t need any added worries. That’s why our medical travel fridge is equipped with premium safety features and convenient accessories.
Leather handle and fashionable transport bag
Our medical travel fridge is not only practical and lightweight but also stylish with its high-quality leather handle. You can easily carry it around during your travels without any hassle.
Furthermore, it comes with a fashionable and practical transport bag that can hold not only the fridge but also spare batteries, power banks, and personal items. The transport bag is discreet and convenient, making it the perfect addition to your travel gear.
TSA-approved cooler for air travel
All of our medical travel coolers designed for insulin and other medications are compliant with TSA regulations and approved for airplane travel.
You can safely pack your travel fridge in your carry-on bag and keep your refrigerated injection pens and vials with you during the flight.
Quiet portable fridge
Our portable travel fridge operates quietly with a noise level of less than 30dB. It won't disrupt your work or rest and will maintain a peaceful environment for your travel companions.


Can 4AllFamily’s medicine coolers be used for insulin?

Of course! We even designed them with insulin in mind at first. All our portable coolers are perfectly suitable for insulin. Depending on the model you’re choosing, you can fit up to 15 insulin pens and many insulin vials. 

Your in-use open insulin pens and vials must be protected from the heat at all times and kept at room temperature under 80°F / 26°C.  

Your stocks of unopened insulin must be kept at fridge temperature 35-46°F / 2-8°C. All our insulin coolers perform both fridge temperature and room temperature. Please, check detailed cooling performances for each cooler on the product pages.  

Our coolers fit any insulin pens and vials: Admelog, Afreeza, Apidra, Basaglar, Fiasp, Humalog, Humulin, Lantus, Levimir, Lyumjev, Novolin, Novolog, Novorapid, Ryzodeg, Toujeo, Tresiba, Velosulin, Xultopy…

Can 4AllFamily’s medicine coolers be used for other diabetes injectable medicines?

Yes!ᅠOur coolers are perfectly suitable for any diabetes injectable medications that need to be kept cool:ᅠᅠ

Byettaᅠmust be kept at fridge temperature when unopened and protected fromᅠtheᅠheat underᅠ77ᄚF / 25ᄚC once opened.ᅠᅠ

Trulicityᅠmust be kept at fridge temperature when unopened and protected fromᅠtheᅠheat underᅠ86ᄚF / 30ᄚC for up to 14 days.ᅠᅠ

Ozempicᅠmust be kept at fridge temperature when unopened and protected fromᅠtheᅠheat underᅠ86ᄚF / 30ᄚC for up to 56 days.ᅠᅠ

Victozaᅠmust be kept at fridge temperature when unopened and protected fromᅠtheᅠheat underᅠ86ᄚF / 30ᄚC for up to 4 weeks after opening.

Can 4AllFamily’s medicine coolers be used for Growth Hormones?

Absolutely. Most growth hormones are highly sensitive to temperature changes and must be kept either at fridge temperature or at least protected from heat. If you’re travelling with growth hormones, you need a medical-grade cooler to ensure your medication is safe. Our coolers have been thought with growth hormones injection devices in mind and would be totally suitable to carry around:  

Norditropin: must be refrigerated prior to first use. After first injection, Norditropin pens should be kept below 77°F / 25°C for use within 3 weeks or at fridge temperature 35-46°F / 2-8°C for use within 4 weeks. 

Genotropin: must be refrigerated prior to first use. After first injection, Genotropin should be kept below 77°F / 25°C and protected from light.  

Humatrope: must be refrigerated before and after first use. After first use, Humatrope cartridges must be stored at fridge temperature 35-46°F / 2-8°C for up to 28 days (14 days for Humatrope vials) 

Nutropin must be stored at fridge temperature at all times and must be used within 28 days after first use.  

Saizen must be refrigerated and is stable for 28 days after first use if placed in refrigerator (of which 7 days can be outside of the fridge below 77°F / 25°C. 

Serostim vials can be stored at room temperature before reconstitution. Once reconstituted, the solution must be refrigerated.

Can 4AllFamily’s medicine coolers be used for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn’s Disease medications?

Absolutely. Most injectable medicines used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn’s disease are temperature-sensitive and must be kept cool. Our coolers are perfect for protecting them and would fit many of your injectables such as:  

Humira (adalimumab) must be stored at fridge temperature when unopened and under 77°F / 25°C for up to 14 days once open. 

Enbrel (etanercept) must be stored at fridge temperature when unopened and under 77°F / 25°C for up to 14 days once open.  

Actemra (tocilizumab) must be stored at fridge temperature when unopened and under 86°F / 30°C for up to 8 hours once open. 

Orencia (abatacept) must be stored at fridge temperature when unopened and under 77°F / 25°C for up to 8 hours once open. 

Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) must be stored at fridge temperature when unopened and under 77°F / 25°C for up to 7 days once open. 

Also suitable for Kevzara, Kineret, Simponi, and any other medicines RA and CD’s medicines that need to be kept either at fridge temperature or room temperature.

Other medications 4AllFamily’s medicine travel coolers can be used for:

4AllFamily’s medicine travel coolers can be used for any medications that need to be kept either at fridge temperature or room temperature:  

  • Allergies (Epipen) 
  • Migraines (Aimovig, Egmalty) 
  • Glaucoma eyes drops 
  • Multi Sclerosis injections 
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy  
  • Erectil Dysfunction (Caverject) 
  • Osteoroporosis (Prolia, Xgeva, Forteo) 
  • Cholesterol (Repatha) 
  • Weight Loss (Saxenda) 
  • Vaccines 
  • Botox 
  • Excema (Dupixent) 

If your medicine is not on this list, do not hesitate to contact us and ask! In any case, always ask for your doctor’s advice.

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