Nearly 15,000 children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every year in the United States only. That makes 15,000 incredible mothers (and fathers!) who fight every single day for their child’s wellness, health, and happiness.

Parenting a child with type 1 diabetes is a real-life challenge that brings its own share of incertitude, worries, fear, and anger, but also love, joy, and laughter. Mothers of type 1 diabetic kids are ferocious warriors who don't get much rest and know the importance of raising awareness about their kids' chronic diseases.

Here's a series of inspirational quotes, memes, and poems to honor the mothers behind the scenes of diabetes management.

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Type 1 Diabetes Mom Quotes & Memes

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10 Things You Should Never Say to a T1D Mom

While they're not quotes or memes per se, we've always found the series of "top 10 things to never say to…" quite striking and funny. So, we've come up with 10 things you should never say to a type 1 one diabetes mom:

  1. “It could be worse, at least it’s not fatal!”
  2. “Are you sure she should be eating that cake?”
  3. “I know what he’s going through… My granddad also had diabetes.”
  4. “I could never give needle shots to my child.”
  5. “I heard Stevia is good for diabetics. You should give it to her.”
  6. “She looks fine. She doesn’t look ill.”
  7. “How did he catch it? Was it in your family before?”
  8. “I heard kids that were not breastfed had more chances to get diabetes.”
  9. “My dog has diabetes too.”
  10. “Don’t worry, I’ve read that diabetes can be cured with cinnamon infusions.”

You’re more than welcome to add yours in the comment section below! What’s the worst or funniest comment you’ve heard about your child’s diabetes?

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Heartwarming Poems About Type 1 Diabetes Mom 

When diabetes strikes your family, the world gets upside down. The times of diagnosis and adjustments are full of raw and intense feelings. Many mothers of type 1 kids find writing poems or personal texts to be relieving and somehow therapeutic. Here are 3 poems written by inspired moms of diabetic children.

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Nobody Saw You, by Type 1 Toddler Mom

This beautiful poem has been written by the mother of a type 1 toddler. She narrates with all her heart the endless tasks and responsibilities of being the parent of a diabetic child. Very emotional, it brings special attention to the heartaches and joys of the mother, as well as the numerous existential concerns, fears, and worries raising a child with a chronic illness implies. Here’s our favorite extract: 

“…Nobody saw you

So scared to sleep through an alarm

Terrified they might not wake up in the morning

Waking up to feel like you can't do this crazy dance another day

But you rise to take on another 24 hours – for them

Check the blood sugar, treat the high, count the carbs, treat the low

Nobody saw any of that

They simply saw you at the park, the museum, grocery shopping

I see you, brave ones

I see your grit and your daily grind

I see your fears for the future

I see your fierce love and determination for your child

I see you raising a warrior, and in the process becoming one yourself

You can read the original poem on the Children’s Diabetes Foundation website.  

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I am the mother of a diabetic child, by Linda Kaniasty

“I am the mother of a diabetic child” is a very moving anthem written by Linda Kaniasty. It’s recited by a group of type 1 diabetic child’s mothers who fiercely explain what it’s like (and what it’s not like) to be parenting a child with a chronic illness like diabetes. A very powerful anthem every T1D mother should watch. Here’s our favorite extract:

(…)I am the mother of a diabetic child.

I don’t know what it’s like to go to sleep at night

and know for certain my child will wake up in the morning.

I don’t know what it’s like to sleep the whole night through

without waking up to do blood tests on my sleeping child.

I don’t know what it’s like to prepare a meal

without a calculator, measuring cups, and a gram scale (…)”

You can read the original text and watch the video here.

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I lost a layer of skin, by Mum of Type 1

Here’s a poem written by the mother of a Type 1 diabetic child right after his diagnosis. While it’s heartbreaking, this poem carries a strong glimmer of hope. Here’s our favorite extract:

“(…) I lost a layer of skin

as we entered the hospital on the day of the diagnosis.


It has to be tough for the times when it’s all too much for a child who just wants the old normal.

The old normal isn’t coming back.


You can read the original text here.

Are you the mother of a child with diabetes or do you know an incredible one? Share your experience, memes, poems, or inspirational quotes with us below!

September 16, 2022

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