How to Properly Store and Refrigerate Ozempic in all Situations?

Ozempic (semaglutide) is an injectable medicine used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It helps lowering blood sugar levels as well as losing weight in some cases. Like Insulin, Victoza, Trulicity, and many other injectable drugs, Ozempic is highly sensitive to high and low temperatures. It requires rigorous storage conditions. This is a reminder of how to properly store your medicine, followed by a few tips for traveling with Ozempic. 

Ozempic Storage Instructions: Reminder!

According to Novo Nordisk, Ozempic’s manufacturer, you must follow certain storage instructions to be sure your Ozempic injectable pen stays safe does not lose any efficiency. We've simplified them here:

Does Ozempic need to be refrigerated?

Your unopened Ozempic pens must be kept at fridge temperature between 36°F and 46°F (2°C - 8°C).

After first use, Ozempic can either be kept at room temperature below 86°F (30°C) or placed back into the fridge. It must be used within 56 days max.

Ozempic storage instructions

How long is Ozempic good for? 

Unopened Ozempic pens that are properly stored in the fridge and for which the cold chain has not been broken are good until their expiration dates. You’ll find the expiration date on the pen and/or on the carton box.

Once open or unrefrigerated, Ozempic pens are good for up to 56 days only. You should throw away any pen that’s been open or out of the fridge for more than 56 days, even if there’s still medication inside.

If exposed to temperatures above 86°F (30°C) for extended periods of time, Ozempic pens are not safe for use anymore and should also be disposed of.

What happens if Ozempic is left out of the fridge?

Ozempic can be left out of the fridge for up to 56 days. If it’s left unrefrigerated for a longer period, you should dispose of it. Laboratory tests have shown that Ozempic starts losing its efficiency after 56 days and won’t help to lower your blood sugar levels anymore.

Even when out of the fridge, Ozempic should always be protected from extreme temperatures. Indeed, if exposed to temperatures higher than 86°F (30°C), Ozempic can go bad. Its efficacy isn’t guaranteed anymore. If you live in places where it gets that hot, you should definitely consider using a medical-grade cooler when you need to transport your medication.  

Injecting yourself with Ozempic that has gone bad can have severe consequences.

What about frozen Ozempic?

Just like Insulin and Victoza, Ozempic must never be frozen. Ozempic is an aqueous solution. Semaglutide, the active ingredient, is dissolved in water. Just like water does, Ozempic freezes at 32°F (0°C) and becomes solid. Once frozen, the solution breaks down. It does not regain its original efficiency. Once it has frozen Ozempic is not safe for use anymore, even if it has thawed afterward. You should immediately throw it away and get a new pen.  

How to tell if Ozempic has gone bad?

Ozempic (semaglutide) looks clear and colorless. If you notice any solid elements inside your pen, strings or particles, if it has changed color or looks different than usual, it has probably gone bad. 

Unusual high blood glucose levels can also be a sign that your medication isn’t working as it should and might have gone bad.

In case of doubt, immediately throw your pen away and get a new one. Injecting medication that has gone bad can have extremely severe consequences for your health.

Ozempic storage instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. But traveling with diabetes always requires a bit of pre-planning and organization.  

Traveling with Ozempic

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Traveling with Ozempic

Traveling with diabetes and medical gear can be stressful. But thousands, if not millions of diabetics travel every day with their Insulin, Victoza, Ozempic, or other injectable medications, as well as their diabetes gear. Guess what: they’re doing just fine. So will you!

How to properly store Ozempic while traveling?

We’ve seen before that your Ozempic injection pen can be left out of the fridge for up to 56 days. But it still needs to be protected from extreme heat and sunlight.

According to Novo Nordisk, Ozempic should never be exposed to temperatures above 86°F (30°C). If you’re living in or traveling to places where the temperature gets higher than that, you must protect your medicine and keep it cool.

The first tip is obviously to always keep your pen in the shade and away from direct sunlight. But if it’s not enough, you should consider using a portable medical cooling device such as the one below.

4AllFamily's Travel Coolers have been specially designed for temperature-sensitive medicines like Ozempic. 

How to keep Ozempic safe and cool during your travels?

Ozempic is usually prescribed as a weekly injection. If you need to take your pen(s) with you while traveling to warm destinations, the best way to be sure it’s safe is to carry it inside a medical-grade travel cooler.

The ones we have at 4AllFamily are specially designed to make the lives of people living with temperature-sensitive medicines like Ozempic easier. Lightweight, portable, safe, and hyper performant, they’re laboratory-tested and TSA-approved for travels.

All our products are suitable for Ozempic pens. Considering Ozempic does not require fridge temperatures for up to 56 days, the one we usually recommend to our clients is the Nomad cooling case product line. The smaller cooler can keep Ozempic pens cool and safe below 80°F (26°C) for up to 48 hours, while the larger one can for up to 72 hours!

Bonus: Is the Ozempic Lady the Popeye Chicken Lady?

We’re dealing with very serious health-related topics here and I thought it would do good to lighten up the tone for once!

If you’ve seen the new 2020 Ozempic commercial, you might have wondered: is that woman the Popeye chicken lady? And you’re not the only one! The resemblance is striking, but no: the Ozempic lady is not the Popeye lady. The woman staring in the Popeye chicken commercial is Deidrie Henry, actress and national spokeswomen of the company. The actress staring the Ozempic lady is Nicole Randall Johnson.


We hope this article has provided you with the information you were looking for. You can share your own experience or ask our team any questions in the comment section below



Hi ,
I am a provider and my pt went out of town and got back on 11/20 , family didn’t realized that ozempic needs to be in the fridge when delivered on 11/11 ,, now all of them are in the fridge ,, if solution is clear and no Particle and when pens are in room temperature approximately 9 days ,, this is still good to use right ?

4AllFamily Customer Care Team

Hi Margaret,
You can find the expiration date either on the carton box or the Ozempic pen itself.
Ozempic pens can only stay out of the fridge for a maximum of 56 days, even if they have not been used or open yet. The medicine might still look clear and have no particles in it, but that does not mean it hasn’t lost efficiency. We’d definitely advice sticking to the manufacturer’s instructions and not using this pen.
Best regards,


If a pen has been left unopened/unused in average home temp (~69 degrees) for longer than 56 days, can it still be used. Medicine is still clear with no particles in it. Also, where on the packaging can you find the expiration date?

4AllFamily Customer Care Team

Hi Melanie,
Thanks for your comment. No, keeping your Ozempic in the fridge after opening won’t make it less effective. But keep in mind that it won’t extend its expiration date, and you should use your pen within 56 days max.
All the best,
4AllFamily Customer Care Team


If I keep my
Ozempic in the fridge even after opening, is it less effective?

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